Short film: Light in harmony with human and nature

Short film: Light in harmony with human and nature

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It’s always easy to complain if something is bad. However, there is only useful change when someone also has ideas how to make it better. Many communities want to have street lighting that combines cost efficiency, safety, climate protection, and comfortable light.  But the actual outcomes of new street lightings are mostly quite sober.

Last year, Austria has published a guideline to support communities that want to achieve a good compromise in their street lights. The guideline is written by experts from various fields, but the audience are normal, everyday citizens, so it’s easy to understand all the information provided in the booklet.

Having a guideline is a good thing, but you need to put it into action to prove its value. This year, two municipalities in Upper Austria, Kirchschlag bei Linz und Steinbach am Attersee had been selected to become real life examples of the guideline. Together with film maker Raffael Portugal and myself had the chance to document this conversion. Our short documentation premiered on September 24th as opening of the Upper Austrian Environmental Congress.

In the film, experts explain why and how the lights have been changed, but the real focus is on the people and what they think: they are proud of their community’s action to protect the environment and the night sky. Thanks to modern technology, light is directed only where it is needed, and glare is reduced. Sensors detect movement and switch on the lights. The main streets are equipped with warmwhite 3000 K for good colour rendering, while orange 1800 K amber LEDs create a cosy atmosphere in the residential areas.

You can watch the film on YouTube and you are welcome to distribute or show it. The German version is available here.

Titel foto by Raffael Portugal

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