About this blog

About this blog

Would you go out at night without artificial light? Have you ever seen the Milky Way? Have you ever slept in natural darkness?

I love light, no matter if it’s natural or artificial. As long as it is beautiful and in its right place. But today, we have lost the feeling for the right amount and quality of light. We illuminate our cities and loose the light of the stars. We want to feel save and risk our sleep and well-being by overlighting. We value light and are scared of the dark. We have forgotten the beauty of the pristine night-light (for the night is never totally dark), and loose the magic of artificial light in a flush of brightness.

Night-light wants to remind you why we need the difference between night and day. For nature, for health, for beauty. It’s also a science blog about the night, darkness, sleep, artificial light, and light pollution. I hope you’ll enjoy it and learn new things. Read it, and, more important, go out and help us to create better light to protect the night and all those who need darkness to survive.

About me

I’m a chronobiologist and have studied the influence of light and other factors on activity patterns of animals for many years. Since 2012 I’m a dark sky advocate. Now I’m a freelance author, lecturer, and consultant who loves to talk about the night, nocturnal creatures, biological rhythms, and the stars. I also love light and I’m currently learning a lot about light technology, planning, and design. I’m not in possession of universal truth, I make mistakes, and I’m learning. So I welcome good discussions with people from every discipline. The night is prescious and I believe that when we work together, we can preserve one of the biggest wonders of earth (which actually contains almost 50% of all biotopes on our beautiful planet).