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Insects at a luminaire
Sleeping woman
Satellite picture of Europe at night, NASA
Tram at night
Starry sky above Coachella Valley with lightp pollution at the horizon
illuminated underbridge
Hotel with evening illumination

Artificial light is present in many aspects of our life. Therefore it has many effects. As chronobiologist, I am mostly interested in ecology and health, but the Loss of the Night Network is my connection to the other areas of light pollution.

Topics and contents of talks, seminars and articles can be chosen according to your needs and interest. Here are some suggestions:

  • Light Pollution
    Consequences of artificial lighting for animals and humans
  • Sustainable Lighting
    Ecology, health and security: concepts for modern lighting concepts
  • The Pacemaker of Life
    Biological rhythms and the inner clock: zeitgeber, pacemaker and how we interfere with them
  • Light and Sleep
    Control and function of sleep, sleep disorders and sleep-inducing medicine
  • Light and Health
    Artifcial light in health care: help or danger?
  • Better health with better light
    How natural and artificial light influences our body, performance, well-being and health
  • Animals with watches?
    Biological rhythms and sleep in animals and plants